Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of work will I be doing as a volunteer attorney?

Volunteer attorneys will assist pro se litigants remotely through our virtual platform, called Legal Aid Connect. Attorneys will provide limited-scope advice and counsel and brief service on legal matters. During the session, volunteer attorneys will help complete court forms and will advise clients on legal standards, relevant pleadings and hearing preparation.


I don’t know much about the local law. Do you provide training for volunteers?

Yes! Legal Aid attorneys will provide either on-line video training, with a Legal Aid attorney on stand-by, or training in person.



I have Corporate Counsel status; can I still volunteer?

Yes! Attorneys admitted under corporate counsel status in Nebraska may provide pro bono legal services through Legal Aid of Nebraska.

Do I need any special equipment or software?

You will need to have a webcam and a microphone on your computer to use the video chat feature. No other special equipment or software is required.


How much time do I need to volunteer?

The length of each virtual consultation will be three hours or less, depending on the case. We will work with each volunteer attorney to schedule volunteer slots that work with your schedule and availability.


What is the extent of my engagement with the client?

Legal Aid Connect provides limited-scope advice to self-help litigants. Your engagement with the client ends at the conclusion of your video chat session(s). You will not be required to provide legal assistance beyond the three-hour remote consultation(s).

After my volunteer service, how can I get comments or suggestions to you?

Every attorney will be asked to fill out a brief Attorney Satisfaction Survey after volunteering. We are always open to feedback from our volunteers.


Why should I volunteer with Legal Aid of Nebraska?

By volunteering your time to help a client through Legal Aid Connect, you are providing legal assistance to one of the many people without legal counsel in Nebraska. By volunteering with Legal Aid Connect, you are providing critical legal advice and helping litigants be the best self-advocates possible! You will have the opportunity to use your unique set of legal skills to satisfy an unmet need and will also gain legal experience in a new area of law.

Additionally, we provide primary malpractice coverage.


How can I become a volunteer for Legal Aid Connect?

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out our Volunteer Attorney Interest Form or contact us at cstolarskyj@legalaidofnebraska.org.